Doing what you love best

vaker tekenen
Then what are you waiting for?)

For a while now, I’ve wanted to draw more often. When I draw, the images express my emotions, my feelings, my thoughts, and how I experience these, uncensored. I don’t ‘invent’ anything; images and words present themselves while I’m drawing. Before I get going, there is always a barrier. As soon as I get started, I’m engrossed in it, losing all track of time. I’m creating. While I’m working, I can hear my critical voice speaking, but it doesn’t affect me, I keep going. The flow of ‘what wishes to be created’ is stronger, and I follow. At night, I sleep like a baby and the next day, when I look at my drawing, I feel happy.

Deep down I know what’s keeping me from drawing more often. Two limiting beliefs. There is no value in drawing; it doesn’t earn you a living. Or, What’s the use? And oh, another one pops into my head as I’m writing this: You’re merely indulging in navel-gazing; you’d better go make yourself useful. This sounds like a different version of the first one.

When I put these beliefs in front of me for closer examination, I realize that they evoke feelings of fear, hopelessness and inferiority. I can feel it in my stomach. This is the barrier I have to cross every time I draw. Acknowledging them helps: Hey, there you are! They melt, they soften.

I’m curious about what you would like to do more often, and what’s stopping you. And how you cross that barrier.

And I’m really curious to see what the world would look like if more and more people started doing what they love best. It seems like ever more lights that are meaningful to what we need these days are being turned on.